Strobes & Daylight

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Strobes & Daylight
In today's Slanted Lens lighting tutorial we are out at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Our lesson will look at how to blend strobes lighting with daylight, so that the image does not look artificially lit. We will look at a method that I use to see what the strobes are doing in daylight and to help you better control them when the modeling lights are not bright enough to guide you. For our shots today we have an old wooden boat as a prop to work with. Out talent, Mary, will be wearing a dark vintage dress and be bare foot in the ice cold water. I wanted her to wear something dark so it will contrast against the light sky. In our last shot we will switch her to a light dress as it gets darker, so it's easier to get her to stand out against the darker sky. Let's take a look at shooting strobes in daylight. Keep those cameras rolling and keep on click'n.

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