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David Garcia-Gonzalez

Spanish-born David García González, is an English and Spanish audiovisual translator turned multi-award-winning entrepreneur and business owner. He has been based in London for over twenty years.

David runs GoLocalise, a localisation company specialising in the audiovisual field (translation, subtitling and voice overs). Under David’s leadership, GoLocalise grew threefold and achieved international recognition by winning Outstanding Business in the Global Business Excellence Awards, the Best Product/Service Range in the Best Business Awards in 2015.

David has won a multitude of awards, including: National Entrepreneur of the Month May 2015, Outstanding Entrepreneur in both Global Business Excellence Awards and Best Business Awards 2015, Most Inspiring Member Entrepreneurs’ Circle 2015, and finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.

His previous job experience includes working as a radio presenter, voice over talent (Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network and even the voice of the Paco Rabanne fragrances) audiovisual translator and language director.

He received his BA (Hons) degree in TEFL and Computer Applications from Essex University and two further MA degrees, one in Applied Translation Studies from London Metropolitan University and the second MA in Audiovisual Translation at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

He currently speaks at events, conferences and universities (UCL, City, Roehampton and Westminster) in the UK and overseas, drawing from personal experiences. His talks tackle the existing gap between being a linguist and entrepreneur, as well as how to stand out from the crowd and land a job in a highly competitive industry. Showing how to building these bridges in a practical and easy-to-apply way is his blueprint, which takes him back to his Boy Scout days in his childhood.

David enjoys sharing his knowledge and business sense with his fellow translators and entrepreneurs both online and offline. He helps businesses of all sizes communicate their messages effectively in over 100 languages.

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