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How old were you when you left Spain, what were you like as a child? Did you know you wanted to have your own business?

I left Spain twenty years ago when I was 16 to study in the UK and originally had no intention to set up a business—that resulted organically. After I finish my education, I received several office jobs while freelancing on the side. I set up my company as a one-man band, which moved my freelance career a step further… and then things started to fall into place.

Do you remember your preconceptions of Britain (and British business) when you were younger? Were you surprised when you learned the reality first hand?

To be completely honest, I had no preconceptions of Britain when I was younger. I knew it would be a good place to spread my wings, meet new people and get an education. I suppose, 20 years ago, the situation in the UK was different and it was not such a popular destination as it is now.

I was always drawn towards socialising and meeting people from different countries, and I think the UK is very special in that respect because it welcomes people with open arms (or at least, it used to). This is true especially in London which has an amazing multicultural atmosphere and is a place where you can find people from all corners of the world. It’s a fascinating city and I love the UK as my home and I am grateful to it for giving me amazing opportunities.

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